Would you buy a trash bag for RM8,000? Luxury fashion brand Balenciaga hopes so

In March this year, luxury fashion brand Balenciaga sent out garbage bags on the Autumn/Winter 2022 show runway. Named “Trash Pouch”, the design is inspired by – as stated in Balenciaga’s own description of the product – a garbage bag.

It is now up for purchase. The price? A whopping US$1,790 (approximately RM8,000).

Said to be made out of calfskin leather with a glossy coating, there are different colours that you can choose from: all-black, white-and-red, yellow-and-black and blue-and-black.

“I couldn’t miss an opportunity to make the most expensive trash bag in the world, because who doesn’t love a fashion scandal?” Balenciaga’s creative director, Demna Gvasalia, was quoted as saying by Women’s Wear Daily.

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Gvasalia is known for his controversial designs for Balenciaga.

In 2017, he released a bag inspired by the recognisable blue Ikea shopping bag. The price tag for this was US$2,000 (RM8,900).

In May of this year, Balenciaga launched the limited edition Paris Sneaker with a price of US$1,850 (RM8,250). It resembled a Converse All Star, but intentionally distressed and made to look worn out.

As with each launch, there was an uproar on social media. Users were questioning the taste level of the fashion brand, but all that chatter on cyberspace only served its purpose, which is to generate buzz and publicity.

Of course, other fashion labels have released ridiculous “fashion items” too.

Supreme sold a brick emblazoned with its logo. Prada once debuted a money clip that took the form of a paper clip. There is also the ping pong paddle by Tiffany & Co.

The one thing all these items had in common (besides being just pure whacky) is a staggering price tag.

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