Transgender women bashed and robbed in terrifying attack at Melbourne park

Police are investigating after two trans women were bashed and robbed in a horrific attack at a dance party in a Port Melbourne park in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Quinn Tough, 22, and her friend Chyna had just arrived at Westgate Park for a fundraiser for the Turkey-Syria earthquakes, when they were approached by a man who asked them for a cigarette.

When Ms Tough said she didn’t have any to spare, she said, according to an Instagram post, the man launched a brutal attack on her.

A man then punched Quinn, knocking her to the ground, while another kicked her friend Chyna, threatening to “f***ing end” the women with a knife that another man was allegedly carrying.

“I’m punched again then another guy gets in my face telling me to back (the) f**k up telling me that he’s got a knife and that he’s gonna f**ing end me,” Quinn said in an Instagram post.

“She (Chyna) was on the floor with the guys ganging up on her, her hair ripped out clothes ripped while they’re screaming death threats,” she said.

In the wake of the attack, Chyna said the ordeal, which left her with a bruised eye, swollen gum and cuts on her face was “humiliating and traumatic”.

“It’s something I have to live with,” she said. “My first encounter with hate crime and violence targeted towards trans people, dwelling on what happened is only going to be more destructive.”

Victorian Police LGBTIQ liaison officers have reached out to the victims and offered referrals or any further assistance that may be needed.

At this stage, investigators are still trying to establish if the assault was motivated by prejudice.

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