Thrift and vintage stores make Tallahassee fashion scene flourish

Picked is a vintage clothing boutique in College Town.

Fashion is one of the best aspects of local Tallahassee culture.

Keeping with the unorthodox nature of many elements of Tallahassee, the fashion styles trends seen around town are largely influenced by local vendors and thrift stores rather than traditional name-brand clothing stores.

An estimated 1.9 million tons of waste is produced by the fashion industry every year, and for those that are environmentally conscious, thrifting offers a sustainable alternative to buying from retail stores. The fact that second-hand buying is considerably cheaper adds to the appeal for many college students in the area. 

One budding local vendor is Mf Tallycore, a collective that sells original pieces along with thrifted and vintage items at FSU’s Market Wednesday and other local vending events. For Mf Tallycore, selling thrifting and vintage items is more than a hobby.

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