Sofia Richie Grainge Is Releasing Her Own Clothing Brand

Sofia Richie Grainge quickly turned the quiet-luxury fashion trend into a worldwide phenomenon. Now, the model and fashion designer is taking the trend to the next level with a new clothing line inspired by her personal aesthetic. “Today we are doing my favorite thing to do every day, which is meet with my team to work on this project that we’ve been working on for months,” she said in a Vogue video published on July 25.

“I’m really proud of where I am now because I’m expressing myself through my clothing.”

In the video, Richie Grainge sat down with designer Cassandra Hobbins and her agent Adee Drexler to discuss the “top secret-ish” project. “We are creating this beautiful clothing line that brings out how I feel the most comfortable dressing,” she explained as the camera panned over neutral fabric swatches accented by vibrant, primary colors. Currently, Richie Grainge is keeping details about the collection tightly under wraps. Though, the video does provide a few helpful hints.

In the footage, it appears that Richie Grainge’s collection will feature cashmere as a key fabric. Considering that her personal style emphasizes clean lines, rich materials, and elevated silhouettes, the choice of fabric seems fitting. “Seeing it all mapped out on these papers is really crazy,” she said of the clothing line, which will feature 80 pieces. “We really did this, and we did it fast. I’m so excited about it. I feel like we really killed it.”

Later in the video, Richie Grainge went shopping at Dôen for a lightweight summer dress to pack with her on an upcoming trip to Palm Springs. “That’s all I’m going for this summer: just being comfortable,” she said as she stepped out of the dressing room in a floral midi dress.

Over the last several months, Richie Grainge has captivated the internet with look after look. Some of her most stunning outfits include her three Chanel wedding dresses, an edgy see-through skirt with sequined embroidery, a tiny floral bikini during her honeymoon, and a sophisticated plaid moment at Paris Fashion Week. “I’m really proud of where I am now because I’m expressing myself through my clothing,” she said of her fashion evolution. “I’m not influenced by anyone. I just really feel me.”

See a sneak peek of Richie Grainge’s upcoming clothing line ahead.

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