Popadelics leverages pop-ups in fashion stores to secure placement in grocery retail

This strategy allowed the brand to connect with potential shoppers at a moment when they might be more open-minded to an unfamiliar product and to better convey the taste and texture of their crunchy mushroom chips than they could online. It also allowed them to scale their business at a more manageable pace with smaller initial orders they could afford and also leverage to access larger orders at more traditional grocery retailers, company co-founder Matilyn Yang explained to FoodNavigator-USA at the Summer Fancy Food Show this week in New York City

“We wanted to be where the customer is and have them be in a situation almost where they’re looking to try new things – and that isn’t always a grocery store,”​ she said, explaining that in department stores consumers often move at a more leisurely pace and have an exploratory mind-set compared to when they grocery shop and are focused on a list and getting in and then getting out.

Pop-ups offer a faster route to market

The company’s participation in pop-ups in Bloomingdales and Nordstrom and placement in Urban Outfitters also allowed it to sell product while finetuning its strategy for more conventional retail, including refining its packaging, landing a distributor, securing key certifications and making a case to buyers.

Yang explained when she “soft launched” the product she didn’t know that most grocers require brands to work with a distributor and many retailers asked her to adjust different aspects of her product, such as the bag size.  But while she pursued those changes, she said, she still needed to sell her product to finance the business and requested changes.

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