Panera Is Opening a Clothing Store and Everything Is Unreasonably Stylish

Yes, the bakery chain’s official merch shop will also carry that viral BAGuette handbag.

<p>Courtesy of Panera Bread</p>

Fashion trends change so quickly these days, we can barely keep up. Skinny jeans? Out. Baggy corduroys? In. Flip flops? Out. Crocs? In. Cottage core? Out. Carb couture? In.

That’s right, fast casual restaurant chain Panera Bread is getting into the retail game again, but this time it’s to launch their first official online merchandise storefront, The Panera Shop. The website will be the go-to place to purchase Panera-themed swag otherwise known as “carb couture,” all of which is way more stylish than it needs to be. There are mac and cheese tracksuits, “all my friends are bread” crewnecks, and even a toddler onesie that reads “Just Baked.” But the piece de resistance of The Panera Shop is, unequivocally, the return of the viral BAGuette Bag.

<p>Courtesy of Panera Bread</p>

Ever since its drop last February — a campaign aimed to promote their toasted baguette sandwiches — the bright green, very rectangular bag has taken the internet by storm. Maybe it’s that not-so-subtle double-P Panera logo. Maybe it’s that foot-long shape, inspired by Fendi’s Baguette purses, that could hypothetically store an entire sandwich. Or maybe it’s the fact that the $40 bag (which is a heck of a lot cheaper than the $3,490 Fendi Baguette) is actually cute. Like, you could style that purse and take it out for a night on the town (sandwich optional) and nobody would bat an eye.

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The original BAGuettes sold out almost instantly, but will be officially back in stock on May 1 when The Panera Shop goes live in conjunction with the start of MyPanera Week. From May 1 through May 7, MyPanera loyalty members will have exclusive access to the site, plus daily discounts, perks, and offers on “Panera Faves” through the Panera app.

If you want to get the jump on everyone else, you can sign up for the MyPanera loyalty program on or on the Panera Bread app, or wait until May 8 when will be live for all who wish to dress themselves in sandwich attire.

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