MTV VMAs 2023 Red Carpet Trend: The Best Metallic Clothing and Accessories to Incorporate Into Your Wardrobe

Along with head-to-toe red and the naked dress look, one of the biggest trends we saw from the 2023 MTV VMAs red carpet (correction, the VMAs pink carpet!) is metallics.

Between Olivia Rodrigo‘s simple silver gown, Cardi B‘s sculptural hair clip-covered masterpiece and Shakira‘s cutout gold dress that showed off her enviable figure, the MTV Moonman awards weren’t the only shiny things that caught our eye last night.

Typically reserved for New Year’s Eve parties and Halloween, the spangly style is surprisingly easy to incorporate into both everyday outfits and going-out looks. If you’re looking for a subtle way to incorporate metallics, stick to accessories: gold or silver boots are an eye-catching accent to your favorite jeans and trousers and lustrous bags go with practically every outfit — especially if you match them to your jewelry.

For a bolder take on the trend, try adding a metallic statement piece to your wardrobe: a dress for special events, gleaming pants and tops for a night out, and shiny blazers to keep it professional for daytime. Colorful metallic clothes and accessories will also help you stand out from the crowd — try experimenting with pink, blue or purple pieces. 

Below, we’ve gathered the best metallic pieces to rock this fall, from subtle to statement. Whether you’re looking for an unexpected addition to your everyday wardrobe or a flashy new style for evening outings, you’re bound to find something you love.


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