Madonna Shows Backside In Sad Twerking Video

The past few months have been horrific for Madonna, and some might say for those observing her antics. Reports have revealed certain fellow musicians and singers are afraid that the Mad woman might be losing her marbles. Others think she’s simply employing shock tactics to become more relevant than she has been for the past decade. Either way, Madonna is at it again today. A new video has surfaced of Madonna, now almost 65, twerking in a video.

As per madonna-twerks-in-shredded-jeans-after-surgery-swollen-face/”>Page Six, The now 64-year-old singer kept her look casual in blue Balenciaga tracksuit jacket over a black turtleneck, baggy distressed ripped blue jeans with black sheer tights underneath, black fingerless gloves, cross earrings and a black baseball cap with the phrase, “Spiritually Hungry” written on it. Some are suggesting that Madonna sporting “spiritually hungry” is her cry to find faith, while others have taken offense to the statement considering its model. 

The “Hung Up” songstress posted the TikTok just days after she poked fun at her appearance when fans questioned why her face looked different at the evil Grammy’s earlier this year. 

“Look how cute i am now that swelling from surgery has gone down. Lol 😂,” she captioned a tweet along with a selfie of her wearing a nearly identical outfit to the one in the TikTok.

Madonna briefly introduced Kim Petras and Sam Smith to perform “Unholy” at the Grammys when viewers immediately criticized her “whole new face.”

“Omg, did you see Madonna at the Grammys? WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO HER FACE? She looked monstrous. It was shocking,” reads one tweet.


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