Luxury brand retails garbage pouch for $1,790

Luxury Spanish fashion house Balenciaga recently released its Winter 2022 runway lineup — and it includes the most expensive trash bag you’ll ever find on the market.

The fashion and lifestyle media brand Highsnobiety shared information about Balenciaga‘s luxury “Trash Pouch” in a now viral Instagram post. The Internet’s reaction to the outrageous price point was reminiscent of the controversies behind Dior’s $8,700 gardening kit and Louis Vuitton’s $1,640 chopsticks earlier this year.

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Balenciaga‘s garbage bags — which its website labels as “The Trash Pouch” — retails for approximately $1,790. Highsnobiety’s Instagram caption also included a quote from Balenciaga’s creative director, Demna Gvasalia, in which he briefly explained his choice to release a luxury garbage bag.

“I couldn’t miss an opportunity to make the most expensive trash bag in the world, because who doesn’t love a fashion scandal?” Gvasalia told WWD.

And sure enough, a scandal is exactly what Gvasalia received. Instagram users were baffled by the Trash Pouch and disappointed by Balenciaga’s lack of innovation. A few even accused the brand of stealing the idea from the movie Zoolander, which featured a trash bag fashion brand called “Derelicte.”

“They’re definitely a social experiment,” an Instagram user commented.

“Balenciaga is a meme designer,” another remarked.

“They really trying to make a joke out of the consumers at this point,” someone said.

Other Instagrammers made jabs at Balenciaga, highlighting the irony of a luxury garbage bag.

“It’s a CINCH some will be GLAD to own this bag, but they will have to pay a HEFTY price,” a clever Instagram user joked.

“They can stay where they belong! In the trash,” another chimed in.

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