Leading makeup expert shares technique mature women should avoid

You may think you have your makeup look down to a T, but there’s a chance you could be ageing your face prematurely. Karen Betts, one of the leading authorities on permanent makeup, spoke to Express.co.uk about an ageing makeup mistake women often make – and how they can look younger instead.

According to the expert, permanent makeup could be the solution to looking younger.

Karen’s official website cites that permanent makeup is the “practice of cosmetic tattooing specially formulated pigments into the skin to create long-lasting effects for the brows, eyes and lips”.

“The pigment is implanted using a digital machine to ensure the pigment is placed at the optimum layer of the skin to look beautifully natural.”

However, permanent makeup must be applied a certain way to enhance a woman’s natural look rather than make it overly done up.

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When it comes to lip makeup, there’s one style this expert believes mature ladies should be ditching.

Bold, dark lipliner may have been a popular trend in the 90s – but Karen believes it should stay there.

For a youthful, ageless look, it’s important your professional avoids one popular makeup trend – 90s liner.

Karen stated: “Unfortunately, I think there’s still a misconception around permanent make-up, where people still think back to 90s lip liner which nowadays can look harsh and ageing.


The 90s lip liner look was iconic in its own right, a solid, stark outline surrounding much lighter lipstick.

Rather than being blended in like a seamless ombré, lip liner was very separate from the lippy.

It’s possible to achieve a super youthful, natural look with permanent makeup, according to the expert.

She said: “A more natural way to enhance the lips is with a ‘micro-shading’ lip blushing technique where tiny needles are used to implant pigment into these areas.”

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According to the expert, when it comes to looking younger, less is more.

Karen told Express.co.uk: “The natural look is back in, so pared-back make-up looks are what’s needed to bring your look up to date.

“Today’s make-up is all about subtlety, enhancing natural features and what’s already there to give people the power to feel confident in their own skin.”

This subtle, delicate looking makeup can be achieved at home or for a more long-lasting look, by a professional permanent makeup artist.

Many women do not just go overboard on their lip makeup but their eye makeup too.

Karen suggested that older ladies stay away from winged eyeliner – or the “cat-eye flick” – which is described by Vogue as the “world’s oldest makeup trick”.

Karen stated: “Micro-lining the lash line is a subtle way of giving the appearance of fuller, thicker looking lashes and enhances the natural eye shape but it’s a precision art.

“Applying micro liner is difficult. Many of us end up doubling the size we intended and winging it with a bolder look, which can be ageing and appear dated.

“My latest innovation in permanent make-up, Lash Density, is a new micro-shading technique that intensifies the lash line.

“Pigment is diffused in between each natural hair, to add subtle depth and colour to the lash line, giving the appearance of fuller, thicker looking lashes without the need for eyeliner, mascara or extensions.”

Karen Betts is one of the UK’s leading authorities in permanent makeup and founder of Nouveau Lashes LVL and HD Brows.

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