Label Tarshari’s latest jewellery edit Arcana boasts minimal bangles and forehead ornaments


The Lovers Studs from Arcana edit

Having launched just a couple of years ago, Tarshari Mehta’s eponymous clothing and jewellery brand, Tarshari, has already caught the eyes of several Bollywood celebs including Alia Bhatt, Shraddha Kapoor and Mouni Roy, who were spotted wearing accessories from the label’s previous bijouterie collections Namaari and Esme. Ahead of their dream project, which is also set to launch this year, the
brand rolls out a new collection. We catch up with the founder and designer to find out more about what we can expect from the new jewellery editArcana. “The name Arcana was inspired by the game of Dungeons and Dragons. The term ‘arcana’ means secrets and mysteries,” shares Tarshari.

Talking about the muse behind the collection, she says, “Whenever I sit down to design a new collection, I generate keywords of the multiple forces – there is no one source of inspiration. It can be something very random or something very concrete.” According to Tarshari, the collection was inspired by multiple elements that influenced a particular phase in her life. When she came up with Arcana, the designs were influenced by an amalgamation of key-words that included kaleidoscopes and vintage ornaments.

The collection offers a range of statement yet subtle brass jewelleries that play on the fine lines of unconventional yet practical wearable metals. Unlike the label’s other collections, all the pieces crafted in the Arcana edit feature symmetry, linearity, motifs and rugged textures. The bijoutier sketched out four pages of different forms and shapes that aligned with the theme of the collection and fished out one funda-
mental shape out of the lot. “Using mirroring techniques like that of a kaleidoscope, we designed
various motifs which were then converted into wearable metal bijouterie,” she reveals.

Currently, the jewellery line offers 17 pieces, which are all hand-cut and crafted by a team of karigars, all of which are plated with gold or silver for a matte finish. Some of the designs from Arcana include a set of five Bangles, The Hermit Studs, Pentacles Forehead Ornaments, Suit of Nines Earpieces and Bar Arcana Neckpiece among others. “Every design is a reflection of who I am, and my love for ‘minimal to statement’,” she concludes. 

₹2,300 onwards. Available online.

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