Kanye West has the ‘last laugh’ after anti-Semitic boycott campaign?

Kanye West has the ‘last laugh’ after anti-Semitic boycott campaign?

Adidas, Balenciaga, and J.P. Morgan Chase are encountering difficulties, to some extent, after dropping Kanye West. 

These A-list companies’ profits, and in some cases, reputation, have nosedived since severing their ties with Ye, which was interpreted as “Karma”, as per Hollywood Unlocked.

For example, the 45-year-old long association with Adidas ended in October 2022. In early 2023, the German sportswear giant revealed that it might lose more than $1 billion in earnings after ending its contract with West and his Yeezy brand.

In regards to Balenciaga, which cut ties with the fashion mogul in October, the fashion brand was a recent campaign with kids boasting bondage bears was bogged down in a highly-publicized pedophilia scandal

Meanwhile, J.P. Morgan Chase reportedly faces allegations of catering to the child trafficking ring of now-deceased Jeffrey Epstein.

The ex-JPM&C executive Jes Staley allegedly boasted more than 1,000 sexually explicit emails revealed linked to Epstein. The former CEO of Barclays also reportedly exchanged sexually suggestive emails, including photos of young women.

In other pieces of news, West turned to authorities to seek an end to what he believed a nuisance: the paparazzi’s constant tailing of him.

The once-celebrated musician was infamous for spazzing out with paps for invading his privacy.

He was recently spotted on the way to L.A. County Sheriff’s West Hollywood police station, according to TMZ.

The insider spills the beans about a complaint the father-of-four took to the station about an argument with the photographer.

The 45-year-old added that he nearly got into a scuffle with paps after he told them not to film him and his family on Tuesday.

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