Internet Roasts Balenciaga Trash Bag For Being ‘Most Expensive’ Trash

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Despite writing about men’s style and fashion for over a decade, I simply cannot wrap my mind around some of the pieces released by the major high fashion houses and why anyone would ever purchase them. Case in point, the Balenciaga Trash Bag that’s getting roasted by everyone on the Internet.

As part of their Falls/Winter 22 collection, Balenciaga debuted the ‘world’s most expensive trash bag’. It is a fashionable trash bag that sells for $1,790. Let’s just let that sink in for a moment. Someone is selling a trash bag, a bag that you put the trash inside of, for $1,790.

The internet caught wind of this $1,790 Balenciaga Trash Bag and it’s been getting roasted nonstop. So I figured we could check out what everyone’s saying about it.

Internet Roasts Balenciaga Trash Bag For Being ‘Most Expensive’ Trash

Hot take:

It’s safe to say the Balenciaga trash bag isn’t a shining example of ‘read the room’.

What really is this ‘world’s most expensive trash bag’?

So technically it’s a ‘Trash Pouch’ that’s been inspired by a trash bag. The Balenciaga trash bag is made from calfskin leather, has a drawstring pouch, it looks like a trash bag, will come in multiple colors, and is I guess mean to be used as some sort of a backpack or purse. But this is a trash bag, let’s not kid ourselves.

If it looks like a trash bag, it’s a trash bag. Don’t try and sell me a Balenciaga trash bag for $1,790 and then tell me it’s not a trash bag even though it 100% looks like a trash bag. It might smell like leather, but it’s a trash bag.

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