Fashion expert shares four items which age mature women instantly

Having expensive facial treatments or changing your hair colour are options when it comes to looking younger, but it’s also possible to do this by revamping your wardrobe. Personal stylist and image coach Melissa Lund shared some easy ways women can look better – and more youthful – today. Plus, the expert explained why long strap dark handbags, sensible shoes, baggy clothes and loose floral dresses can age mature women instantly.

The expert stated: “I think everyone gets to a point in life where they feel they’d like to knock a few years off. I think for most of us from mid-life onwards it’s really about making sure we look (and feel) our best.”

Melissa’s first tip was to “avoid the frump factor”. Of course, what makes something “frumpy” depends on the person wearing it.

However, while we all have our own personal style and items which suit our body types, the expert claimed that there are a few things that are just plain wrong for everybody.

Melissa stated: “Long strap dark handbags, sensible shoes and baggy clothes will guarantee a style-free zone.”

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Smaller purses, clutches, daring shoes and well-fitted clothing may be the way to go in order to shave years off your age.

Melissa continued: “All those floral loose frocks we saw during the pandemic? I’ve only got one word for them – frumptastic!”

The expert’s next anti-ageing fashion tip was to pay attention to what’s trending without becoming a slave to trends.

There is a misconception that women of a certain age must retire their fabulous pieces in favour of supposedly age-appropriate gear.


However, Melissa encouraged mature women to love fashion and experiment with it.

She told older ladies: “Stay relevant. Fashion is all around us – online, on TV, in films and in the press.

“Take a look at what’s current. I know sometimes it’s easy to look at a fashion shot and be discouraged but stay positive and think about how what you’re looking at can inspire you.”

This doesn’t mean dressing head to toe in the latest vogue but using it to inspire elements of your own taste.

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“Think about the colours, shapes and accessories designers are using. Think about how you could incorporate these into your wardrobe. You don’t have to buy all of it but your wardrobe needs a nod to what’s current.”

But while it is important to be aware of the current fashion landscape, Melissa would advise mature women to tailor it to their own age range.

“You don’t have to completely change your style as you age, just tweak it a bit,” she said.

“If you love a leather skirt, you can keep wearing it but you might want it to be slightly longer than the length you would have worn in your 20s, for example.”

Melissa’s final tip was to experiment with different shades – “colour is your friend”.

She explained: “Wearing the right colours will ensure that you look healthy and youthful. They can even help you to look taller and leaner if used in the right way.”

While this of course is different for everyone, Melissa previously told readers to reevaluate their “darkest colour”, meaning the darkest shade a person can wear that still suits and complements them.

As we age, our skin becomes paler and more translucent, with our hair also thinning out and getting lighter with greys.

Melissa advised: “If black or midnight blue suited you in your thirties you might decide that charcoal grey and navy are now the darkest colours in your palette.”

Melissa Lund is a personal stylist and image coach.

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