Claremont clothing store wins appeal after other business owners try to get license pulled

Steve Morales and Janelle Huerta own a clothing store called The Rave Box. They sell trendy outfits for music festivals. But, when they moved their store from Upland to Claremont Village, they never considered other business owners would have a problem with their store.

They quickly learned they were wrong. At a Claremont City Council meeting, people voiced their concerns.

“These guys are basically supplying the adult industry. Period,” said one man. “Now, we want to offer a retail environment to clothe the prostitutes,” asked another woman.

The Rave Box put in for a business license in February, getting a conditional business license 10 days later. Their grand opening was put on hold, however, after a number of people petitioned the granting of the license. The appeal process began.

Those appealing the decision claimed The Rave Box was an “adult business,” which requires a different, adult business permit according to Claremont’s Municipal Code.

Last week, Morales and Huerta attended a hearing to defend their business. On Monday, the Claremont Administrative Hearing Officer ruled in their favor, City Manager Adam Pirrie told FOX 11. 

The Administrative Hearing Officer’s decision, at least for now, “City staff’s decision to issue a conditional business license,” according to Pirrie. The groups who brought forward the appeal will now have 10 days to appeal Monday’s decision.

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