City surveys asking for input on new restaurants, clothing stores, gathers over 1k responses | Politics

The City of Hanford posted two online surveys on Friday afternoon asking Central Valley residents for the restaurants and clothing stores they want to see open in the Hanford area.

Community Relations Manager Brian Johnson, who distributed the survey, hopes to show potential retailers that strong support exists for their businesses by using the survey results. He plans to open more surveys for different types of businesses in the future, including sporting goods stores, bookstores, music stores and general merchandise.

“More than anything, they [retailers] want to make sure they’re profitable and can be sustained in the ever-evolving world of retail,” Johnson said. “One thing that we’ve heard in some conversations in people in this industry is that a survey, like the one I put on Friday, couldn’t hurt. It could only be helpful in showing some of these retailers that not only are we interested in seeing them come to town, but the community is as well.”

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