Balenciaga’s Slow Rise From Their Recent Fall

demna-creative-director-of-balenciaga-opened-up-about-the-luxury-house-s-future-and-upcoming-initiatives”>Demna, Creative Director of Balenciaga, opened up about the luxury house’s future and upcoming initiatives

One of the most recent fashion controversies that is still the talk of the town is Balenciaga’s notorious gifting campaign last November. Looking back at Balenciaga’s rough track record, it’s safe to say that the Spanish luxury house didn’t have the best time last year as they released campaigns that received a lot of negative criticism from the general public, as well as the fashion industry.

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Living in the digital age and bouncing back from such scrutiny is certainly harder, especially when it’s published everywhere for the world to see. It’s the collective criticism Balenciaga received from left to right, which caused the house to keep things on the low for a while. But just recently, they announced their comeback in the fashion world and the future plans they have in store.

Balenciaga and Kering Foundation Partnership with National Children's Alliance

In a recent interview, Balenciaga’s Creative Director, Demna, made his first appearance since the controversy where he expressed his sentiments towards the campaign and the direction the house is heading. 

Known to create such provocative designs, he takes full responsibility for the concept behind the campaign. The execution of the campaign got off hand and he, himself, did not take into account the insensitive and reckless image the campaign had in the end. Later on, he expressed that he does regret what had transpired. 

Balenciaga and the Kering Foundation announce a three-year program with National Children's Alliance (NCA)

The house remained inactive from December to January, but in Demna Instagram account, a partnership between Balenciaga and Kering was made with the National Children’s Alliance. In the caption, we get to see the plans they have set in store for the next three years, which includes the increase of access to mental trauma facilities, pushing forward education towards children’s protection, as well as raising awareness on child abuse and actions. 

As for the future of the house, Balenciaga is set to showcase their collection in March at Paris Fashion Week where pieces will be intentionally simple as Demna aims to go back to the roots of the brand.  

Balenciaga Collection Paris Fashion Week 2023
Balenciaga Collection Paris Fashion Week 2023

Photos from DEMNA (via Instagram)

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