Balenciaga just pulled the luxury card on trash bags and netizens are appalled

Taking out the trash can never get more luxurious than this. Balenciaga just announced that their trash bags worth $1790 are out for sale. Yes, we are talking about trash bags. Balenciaga just added the luxury icing to the most mundane of things and netizens are left speechless. Who would have thought that taking out the trash would become such an expensive affair? These ‘trash pouches’ made their first appearance at Balenciaga’s Winter 22 Collection fashion show. Read along to know more.


Luxury or Audacity?

The fashion industry’s knack for striking the odd and bizarre nerve is a story as old as time. At the moment, Balenciaga is the shining star of the story because they have taken the idea of fashion and luxury to a whole different level. Perhaps, mere mortals like us are not bound to understand the nuances of high fashion, or maybe we have brain cells that can see the absurdity of paying $1790 for a garbage bag.

Balenciaga launched their ‘Trash Pouches’ in their Winter 22 Collection fashion show, and if you haven’t guessed it already, these ‘trash pouches’ were inspired by actual garbage bags. Talk about high points of inspiration. The ‘trash pouches’ have left the internet in splits as netizens are still not able to discern if this is a fact or a joke. Quite naturally, Twitter is filled with responses, with a good majority of them coming down hard on the whole aspect of luxury and high fashion. Well, trash bags aren’t mere trash anymore. Let us look at a few reactions and responses to see if Twitter town perceives high fashion with precision.

We are still talking about trash, right?

Who would have thought?

This seems like a more reasonable explanation.

Looks like that

All is well till they say “inspired by a garbage bag.” Like really? Are we going back to the absurdist phase?

The one and only silver lining.

“Take your trash in style.” Are we being serious?

Who would have thought that a dearth of ideas would lead to this high-level insanity?

Definitely a high point in fashion.


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