Abbie Chatfield announces new range for Verbose The Label

Media personality Abbie Chatfield has shared a sneak peek of her new clothing collection with her followers, stirring excitement among fans.

The Hot Nights with Abbie Chatfield star announced her clothing line Verbose the Label in May this year with five pieces, such as a wrap dress, in bold colours.

Now, she has given fans a behind-the-scenes look at the new collection after she listened to customer feedback on what direction they would like the brand to head to next.

“We’re here at the Verbose shoot, Walter is here as well,” Abbie said during an Instagram story. “We have our new range – reveal vibes – we are finally doing an all black range.

“Everyone was like ‘all we want is black, it’s all we want and all we need’.

“So, we decided to do it, it’s a real basics vibe.”

She gave people the opportunity to ask questions, with facts such as the trousers in this range are the same fit as the initial drop, being revealed.

The range features a skirt, a pair of trousers, a dress and at least three different shirt designs.

Prices range from $89.95 to $129.95 with sizes between a 6 and a 26 available to shoppers.

Like her first collection, Abbie shot with six models in various sizes so customers could look at what the outfit looks like on their body type.

The collection will be available from Monday, August 8, at 6pm AEST.

When Abbie announced the label earlier this year, abbie-chatfield-for-genius-verbose-the-label-website/news-story/78b4f41adb6fe12992977fd20acab84b” title=”” data-tgev=”event119″ data-tgev-container=”bodylink” data-tgev-order=”78b4f41adb6fe12992977fd20acab84b” data-tgev-label=”lifestyle” data-tgev-metric=”ev”>her posts were flooded with comments commending its representation and inclusivity – which she took one step further with the brand’s website itself.

Instead of organising the pieces by product, customers are able to shop by their size – therefore viewing each design on a model whose body type actually represents theirs.

Dozens of the former Bachelor star’s 399k followers inundated the comments under her explanation, describing the website format as one that “made choosing my size so much easier”.

“This is how you create a modern day clothing brand. DIVERSITY AND SIZE INCLUSIVITY. Why is it so hard???” one wrote.

“If you can do it while starting up why can’t these massive million dollar brands do it??? You’ve smashed it.”

“This is the best way to show each size. It is so helpful seeing it on someone in my actual size,” added another.

“OMG you’ve nailed it, love it, summary of a real women’s wishes when looking at clothes,” commented a third.

“I f***ing love the representation of different bodies and how you’ve featured every model in the exact same clothes and same poses,” wrote one.

“I’ve never seen another brand do this before.”

Originally published as Abbie Chatfield shares behind-the-scenes look at new clothing range

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